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The lady golfers at Bulimba Golf Club

The women at Bulimba Golf Club are an enthusiastic and friendly group of women who love to play golf, socialize and are keen to welcome new players.

The women have a weekly competition on Tuesday mornings and play a social round every Thursday morning. Here at Bulimba Golf Club our aim is to help our beginner or intermediate female players to experience the game of golf in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Ladies Golf

women golf event

Thursday Women in Golf

Female golfers are welcome to join a growing group of keen golfers on Thursday mornings at Bulimba Golf Club are home to our female social group of golfers.

This social 9-hole round of golf gives female players the opportunity to improve their skills with the support and encouragement from other members and players.

There is immense positive feedback from current Thursday morning participants. Benefits include:

  • “Receiving golf tips and actually enjoying the game”

  •  “Feeling comfortable being a beginner player”

  • “Getting better and learning the rules in a supportive and motivating environment”

  • “Meeting new ladies and learning the basics from more experienced players”

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Tee times are from 9am every Thursday morning. For more information please contact the coordinator Tracey 0413 812 576.

Bookings can be made on the BGC website.

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Golf Programs for Ladies

Bookings can be made on the BGC website. Games start from 9 to 9.30. Once you twig you’ll be hooked!


For more information please contact Tracey on 0413 812 576

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